Value Proposition

Value Proposition


  • Active approach to trading with meaningful turnover among top positions given catalyst-driven nature of investing
  • Don’t become “married” to positions and are willing to trim or cut positions as dynamics and risk/reward changes, particularly in equity investments
  • Aim to go beyond the traditional hedge fund approach to fundamental credit and equity investing with creative trade structuring, often utilizing options seeking to isolate downside risks and maximize upside payoffs
  • Keen focus on adaptability driven by the view that markets and opportunity sets constantly change


  • Strong alignment and partnership culture across senior leadership
  • Lead with a focus on lack of complacency
  • Minority-owned firm and has a deep belief in the importance of diversity
  • Significant investment in infrastructure with institutional experience early in the firm’s lifecycle


  • Ability to invest in mid-size capital structures and niche asset classes given fund size
  • Develop concentrated positions that move the needle with an avoidance of binary outcomes
  • Utilization of trade structuring yields attractive risk/return payoffs and position-level exposures relative to other market participants