Value Proposition

Value Proposition


  • Combine a single-name fundamental approach with active trading and risk management
  • Willing to trim or cut positions as risk/reward changes, and catalysts come to fruition
  • Go beyond the traditional hedge fund approach to fundamental credit and equity investing with creative trade structuring to mitigate downside and maximize upside
  • Keen focus on adaptability driven by the view that markets and opportunity sets constantly change


  • Invest in credit and equities with strong contribution across both asset classes
  • Flexibility to invest in companies of various market caps given fund size
  • Ability to size positions larger given trade structuring and hedging approach
  • Demonstrate fluidity and expertise in options and other derivative instruments that many funds are not comfortable utilizing


  • Strong alignment and partnership culture across senior leadership
  • Lengthy and senior shared experience across the firm, especially given the firm’s early stage
  • Lead with a focus on work ethic & lack of complacency
  • Minority-owned firm with a deep belief in the importance of diversity
  • Significant investment in infrastructure with institutional experience early in the firm’s lifecycle