About Us

We invest across a wide variety of financial instruments, including: loans, bonds, convertible bonds, stressed/distressed credit and special situation equity investments.  Through our long, shared history, the senior team has developed a regimented and collaborative investment culture that is foundational to Antara. Antara is a minority-owned firm with a strong culture of alignment and partnership across senior leadership.


Antara has a tried and tested strategy that extends beyond the traditional approach to credit and equity investing by being active at two levels: position-level trade structuring and portfolio-level trading.

Generate new ideas internally

Utilize proprietary screens, applying fundamentally intensive rigor to research

Create opportunities

Influence the trajectory of outcomes during an investment-specific process

Contrast with the consensus

Evaluate the entire capital structure to determine most compelling way to construct a trade

Remain nimble

Adjust asset allocation fluidly as the current environment shifts to a distressed environment and back

Utilize single-name credit shorts and hedging

Seek alpha shorts and utilize trade structuring and hedging to mitigate risk

Balance active trading with stringent risk management

Seek to preserve capital when entering a distressed cycle, thereby securing a position of strength through a distressed environment